The Mumanu™ pregnancy pillow is really easy to use. In fact it feels so good your friends and family will want to use it too! Watch our instructional videos for more information on getting comfortable

Loosen the valve and the Mumanu™ pregnancy pillow will draw air in by itself. Ensure the sides of the pillow are separated from each other to allow the air in. Slowly squeezing and releasing the Mumanu™ pillow will help it inflate quicker. Top the air up with two breaths to fully inflate (more maybe needed on first inflation). Tighten the valve when it is fully inflated for the first time to help the pillow into a smooth shape. Then, follow the instructions below depending on how you want to use your pillow.
Loosen the valve. Squeeze some air out and fold the Mumanu™ pregnancy pillow in two. Place the Mumanu™ pregnancy pillow on a firm, safe surface and kneel on it to gentle force the air out. Tighten the valve to keep the Mumanu™ pregnancy pillow deflated.

Whether you lie on your front, side or back or all three at some point during the night, your Mumanu™ pillow will give you the most comfortable night’s sleep for years to come.

(ideal for pregnancy & postnatal)

Fully inflate your Mumanu™ pillow. Lying on your side, place the Mumanu™ under your top leg ensuring your foot is also supported. Your bottom leg must not be under the pillow.

For maximum comfort your hip, knee and foot need to be at the same height. If your leg is too high; keep your leg on the pillow and slowly adjust the air until you have the right height.

You will know if the pillow’s too high or too low because you will get discomfort or a pulling feeling in your lower back and hips. The correct height will be comfortable.

If your bottom hip is uncomfortable during the night, shift it back a little so as you’re not lying directly on top of it.

The Mumanu™ pillow will gradually release air (over a period of days) so check on your positioning every few nights.

(not during pregnancy)

For lying on your back, place the half inflated Mumanu™ pillow under your knees to help keep your spine comfortably aligned and prevent your hip joints from rotating.

(not during pregnancy)

For lying on your front, inflate the Mumanu™ pillow half way and place under your feet to help correctly align your spine for more comfort and to prevent your hip joints rotating.

Caution & Care Instructions

  • Do not sit on the Mumanu™
  • Keep away from water, sharp objects & direct sunlight
  • Do not machine wash or tumble dry

Other Uses During Childbirth:The Mumanu™ can be used during childbirth for comfortable positioning when lying on your side. Your partner can gently rock you to help your pelvis to move, allowing baby to move down in your pelvis. Ensure that you shift the bottom hip back to create good space in your pelvis (so you’re not lying directly on top of the hip).

Inflate your Mumanu™ to a 1/4 full and kneeling on top of it, you can lean forwards holding on to something sturdy for support. By pushing each knee down one at a time you can create a wonderful, effortless movement in your pelvis to help baby move into good positions to be born. Your knees will be comfortable and movement will come easily. Watch the video

In The Car, At Your Desk or On The Sofa:
You can also use the Mumanu™ when sitting down. Fully deflate the Mumanu™ and tighten the valve. Fold in half and use as a cushion to sit on. This is ideal for driving in the car as it will raise you up higher, making your knees lower than your buttocks, creating a comfortable space for your baby. This position helps your baby into an optimum position for an easier birth. Even when you’re not pregnant this may be more comfortable on your back when driving. The Mumanu™ works better than normal cushions as it won’t compress and lose shape.

Alternatively you can half inflate the Mumanu™, sit on half of it with the other half behind you supporting your back. Adjust the air to suit. At the correct inflation you will comfortably sit up straight without being able to slouch. This is great for working at your desk or sitting on the sofa (especially while breastfeeding or even playing computer games).

During Yoga & Other Forms Of Exercise
There are many ways to use your Mumanu™. Here’s a couple more we found. We would love to know if you come up with any others.