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The only pillows endorsed by
BirthWorks International
The only pillow officially endorsed by
Osteopaths New ZealandOsteopaths New Zealand
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See how easy it is to get the most comfortable night’s sleep with the self-inflating Mumanu® pregnancy pillow.
Whether you’re pregnant or just needing to get comfortable; there’s more than one way to use the Mumanu®.
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Looking for a good night’s sleep?
The Mumanu® [m’um-anooo] self-inflating pregnancy pillow can help. It relieves lower back and hip pain by supporting your body so you’re not twisting and turning in the night (and it doesn’t matter if you sleep on your front, back or side!) NB we only recommend side-sleeping from 22 weeks during pregnancy.
It’s perfect during and after pregnancy, or if you suffer from arthritis, sciatica or are waiting for, or recovering from, a hip replacement.
Much more comfortable than a pillow between the knees; the Mumanu® keeps your hip, knee and foot at the same height to correctly align you, giving you the most comfortable night’s sleep. Learn more >>.

Tried and true
The Mumanu® pregnancy pillow is designed by Samantha Thurlby-Brooks, a specialist in pregnancy massage. It’s been tested on more than 1,500 women with 96% saying they found it more comfortable than what they had been using before. The Mumanu® is the only pillow officially endorsed by the Osteopathic Society of New Zealand and BirthWorks International. Find out more >>

Really comfy and easy to use
Have you tried putting a pillow between your knees but had no luck getting a decent night’s sleep? It’s probably because having it between your knees is pulling on your lower back, twisting your knee and hip joint and putting too much pressure on the bottom leg (ouch!). The Mumanu pregnancy pillow is placed in front of your bottom leg, then you rest your other leg on top of the pillow to alleviate back and hip pain. Read more >>

Comfortable positioning for love making throughout pregnancy
As well as getting the most comfortable night’s sleep, if you’re feeling loved up, you can use your Mumanu® pillow during love making…Find out how >>